Increase microbial activity in the soil with Nutrient Plus, and enhance the performance of many products with Aqua Veta.


Nutrient Plus

Nutrient Plus functions as a bio-catalyst that dramatically increases the indigenous microbial activity in the soil.

Nutrient Plus

  • Promotes healthier plant life
  • Increases earthworm activity
  • Provides a favorable habitat for the beneficial microbes in your soil and plants.
  • Includes both carbon-infused nutrients and a catalyst.

When applied to seed and soil or foliar-fed to plants, Nutrient Plus increases the growth of helpful microbes exponentially. This, in turn, makes more nutrients available, setting up a profitable cycle of healthier soil, hardier plants, and higher yields.

Nutrient Plus in the Field

Aqua Veta

Aqua Veta is a non-toxic, all-natural, concentrated catalyst that can take the place of many surfactants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, adjuvants, crop oils, rain fasts, spreader stickers, and tank cleaners.

Aqua Veta

  • Keeps sprayer tanks and tips cleaner.
  • Dissolves powders faster and more completely.
  • Enhances the performance and effectiveness of many products.

The properties in Aqua Veta help to enhance and increase the effectiveness of biologicals, fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides. This allows you to reduce the amount of chemicals used since the catalyst transforms the treated water into an effective carrier.

When applied at the recommended dosage, Aqua Veta is an investment of $1.00 an acre.