About us

Our Mission

To help growers achieve profitability through sustainable agriculture, by feeding the life in the soil.

About Us

The owners of Agri C Enrg, Lynford and Lavon, have been involved in agriculture all of their lives. They have spent the past twenty years growing alfalfa in Nevada.  Through much trial and error, as well as considerable investment in lab research, they developed a product they call Nutrient Plus. With help from a renowned biochemist, they have also been able to successfully create something they call Beyond Bios. (This is the foundation of the Nutrient Plus technology.)

They chose this name because they believe that Nutrient Plus is beyond bios due to the rich carbons and the complex technology of micelle used in its formulation.

Their goal of helping growers to achieve profitability through sustainable agriculture is summed up in their motto “We Feed Life.”

Agri C Enrg has been a trusted solution since 2010 for farmers around the globe. We are thrilled to continue that journey and together, feed LIFE throughout the world!