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We Feed Life

Everyone involved in planting and harvesting crops understands that there is no single magic bullet that will ensure a good crop yield. A variety of factors affect the outcome, many of which are not even under your control.

The health of the soil, however, is one factor that DOES lie within your power to improve. That is why expert famers focus on healthy soil.

In agriculture today, everything we do as farmers either depletes or feeds life. Here at Agri-C Enrg, we believe that nothing is more important than improving the soil in which your plants will grow to give them the best chance of producing a bountiful yield that will feed LIFE throughout the world.

It all begins with the soil!

What is soil?

What many think of as “just dirt” is actually an incredibly complex mixture of rock-derived minerals, plant-derived organic matter, dissolved nutrients, gases and a rich food web of interacting organisms.

Briefly stated, soil is a mixture of minerals, organic materials (both dead and living organisms), air, and water. These four ingredients react with each other in amazing ways, making soil one of the most dynamic and important resources on the planet.

The soil that we walk on every day is the home of a living fungal system, called the mycorrhizal network. Plants use the mycorrhizal network to communicate. This network spreads through the soil, picking up water and nutrients, bringing them back to the plant’s roots, and carrying away in exchange the photosynthetic carbon produced by the plant.


What is healthy soil?

Healthy soil has a strong mycorrhizal network that is able to cycle abundant nutrients to all plants. It provides an excellent rooting environment and creates a bountiful habitat for plants, animals, and microbes living both in and above the soil. Healthy soil is also capable of maximum water-holding capacity, keeping water available for plant growth and minimizing run-off and erosion. It absorbs and filters excess nutrients and pollutants, so they aren’t carried to surface water. In addition, healthy soil provides a stable foundation for structures.

Is your soil healthy?
Chances are good that it is if…

  • Water penetrates easily.
  • It crumbles easily and is easy to work up
  • You have productive, healthy-looking plants.
  • You see plenty of earthworms.

If, however, your plants appear stressed, you have low brix levels, and rarely see earthworms, a good bio such as Nutrient Plus can help increase the health of your soil.

How to feed LIFE

in the soil

Soil has three properties that work together to maximize a plant’s potential—physical properties (the soil structure), chemical properties (mineral nutrients) and biological properties (microbial life). Together, these three components form a biological entity similar to living tissue with complex biochemical reactions. Some components give life, and some take it away, all in varying degrees.

Agri C Enrg focuses on enhancing the performance of the biological properties of the soil. Fertilizer and pesticides can help grow crops but enhancing the biological performance of your soil will help grow them more efficiently.

Agri C Enrg products are not pills for plants; they’re a diet for the soil.

One gram of healthy soil contains:

yards of fungal hyphae
different fungi
different bacteria

Our Mission

Agri C Enrg is dedicated to helping farmers not only understand the importance of the mycorrhizal network, but also take advantage of the immense benefits that it can bring to their crops when it is used to its fullest potential.

The Goal: To help growers achieve profitability through sustainable agriculture, by feeding the life in the soil.